League Rules:

Under 11 Match Rules

11 a side rules

  1. Any player under the age of 11 on the 31st August of the year preceding the season shall be eligible.
  2. Each team shall consist of 11 players.
  3. The games shall be played on a pitch of 20 yards. Artificial pitches are acceptable.
  4. The ball must be school regulation size. Maximum weight 4.75oz.
  5. All boundaries count as 4 runs.
  6. 25 overs to be played wher possible, but minimum of 20 overs
  7. Maximum of 5 overs per bowler and minimum of 7 bowlers to be used
  8. There will be no extra ball if a wide or no ball is bowled and two runs shall be awarded, (plus any runs scored off the no ball).  With the exception of the last over of each innings, when a wide or no ball (plus any runs scored off the no ball), will count as one run and an extra ball shall be bowled.
  9. On scoring 30 runs, a batsman shall retire and not return to the wicket.
  10. No fielder, except the wicketkeeper, is to field nearer than 11 yards, measured from the middle stump (strikers end), except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played the ball. If a fielder comes within the distance, the umpire must stop the game and instruct the fielder to move back. 

Cup Competitions

a All cup matches, (all ages), shall be played between two teams of 11 players, and all matches, with the exception on the finals, shall be of a maximum of 20 over’s duration per innings.

b All matches, except where weather intervenes, shall be played on the date set by the executive committee.

c Each age group will play on pitches of their appropriate age and use balls appropriate to that age group. The number of over’s allowed by each bowler, shall be the same as league matches of their age.

d All ECB rules regarding bowling and fielding restrictions must be adhered to. League rules must always be adhered to regarding maximum overs per bowler, per game.

e Matches which have commenced and which subsequently have to be postponed due to weather conditions, will continue, as soon as possible after the interruption and from the same stage as prevailed at the time of postponement. Delayed Cup matches must be completed before the schedule date for the next round.

f The winners shall be the team who scores the most runs. If scores are level after both innings, the team who has lost the least wickets shall be the winners. If this does still not determine a winner, then the winners will be the team who has scored the most runs after the first 5 over’s,  if still level, 10 over’s, and then 15 over’s if required.

g At the conclusion of the match, the home team must text the result to the league secretary.  If the match has been abandoned or not finished, the current position of the match and when it will be completed or played must be texted to the league secretary, (within 24 hours). Failure to do so will result in a £ 5-00 fine.

h Clubs MUST only enter one team in any age group of the Cup Competition

i Players must have played one league match prior to playing in the first round of the cup and in two league matches prior to the second round

j No player can play for more than one side in the cup competition at any age group

k The League Executive shall appoint umpires for the semi-final and final of the competitions.


  • All finals must be played on the date set by the Executive Committee
  • The finals shall be played as show below, or as guided by the league executive.  The Executive Committee have the power to reduce the number of overs in the final dependant on the weather conditions.

Under 17’s          40 Overs
Under 15’s          40 Overs
Under 13’s          30 Overs
Under 11’s          25 Overs

  • A bowler will only be allowed to bowl no more than one fifth of the total over’s in their innings.
  • Batters are not required to retire.