League Rules:

g) Additional players may be added to, on-line, on the www.playerreg.co.uk website.  

h) No player can be registered after the 22nd June, without permission of the Executive Committee.

i) Any club found fielding an over age player shall forfeit any points gained in the games in question.

j) If a player wishes to transfer from one junior club to another during the season, the club desiring the player must make application to the League in writing. A player shall not be allowed to transfer if he has not fulfilled all financial obligations to his club. No player shall be allowed to transfer after the 22nd June.

k) All players wishing to transfer from one club to another or from/to another league during the close season must produce a YCB transfer form, or similar, from their present club.

l) A junior can only be registered with one YCB Club. Any club who transgresses this rule on a regular basis (for the sole reason of winning trophies) or without other good reason shall lead to a points deduction or other penalities as determined by the League Executive. Clubs within the Bradford Junior Cricket League may 'loan' players where the club in question does not have a team at a specific age group and where both sides agree. In the event odf a disagreement the player must remain at the original club for the duration of the season and no transfer shall be permissable

7 Entrance fee £ 50.00 for one team and £ 15.00 for each subsequent team. Each club must also purchase, at least 4, end of season supper tickets. The fee, for both these, is payable at the pre-season meeting. Failure to comply will incur a fine of £ 5.00. Any club not paying their subscription before the first match of the season shall not be awarded any points until the subscriptions have been paid.

8 There shall be a maximum of 10 minutes between innings in all games except Cup finals

9 Points shall be awarded as follows: 4 points for a win; 2 points for a tie; 1 point for an abandoned game. The team scoring the most runs shall be deemed the winner.

10 In the event of two clubs tying for a league championship on points, the winner will be decided by head to head results and then if necessary by averages. Runs per wicket for divided by runs per wicket against.

11) In all age groups any game which does not take place due to weather or unavailability of home ground, the game can be mutually rearranged within 14 days of the original date. If the game does not subsequently take place then each side will receive one point. In the event of a team not fullilling an agreed fixture within 14 days, the non offending team will be awarded the points

12 Where points are deducted from a team due to breach of the rules in a particular game, then the points shall be awarded to the non-offending side.

13 No admission fee is to be charged to matches, but a collection may be taken.

14 A competent scorer, a competent umpire and adult representative must be present for the duration of all games. Failure to comply with this rule shall be reported to the Executive Committee, who shall have the power to award the game to the other side.

15 A fine of £ 10.00 shall be imposed on any club not having a representative at League Meetings.