League Rules:

16 All players must have played in two league or cup games to be eligible to play in cup semi-final, final or league play offs.

17 No collection shall be taken for individual performances.

18 All fines to be paid within 14 days of invoice. If not paid, the fine will increase by £ 1.00 per week not paid.

19 Any club wishing to submit proposals for alterations to rules for the following season must do so, in writing, to the League Secretary, by the 31st August

20 At the completion of each season, every club MUST submit averages for every player, batting and bowling, that has qualified for the league averages on the spreadsheet provided by the League and also the total number of victims for their and wicket keeper/s and fielding points awarded, These must be received by the league secretary by the 24th August. To qualify for the under 17, under 15, a bowler must bowl a minimum of 24 overs and for Under 13 a minimum of 18 overs, a batsman must bat a minimum of 6 innings. For league averages purposes, each batsman’s innings shall be counted as a completed innings. Cup performances are not included. Nil returns MUST be submitted. Under 11 averages are not required.

21 All League Trophies and Individual Trophies are to be returned,   engraved, clean and in a good condition to the Assistant League Secretary by the mid season meeting. Any club failing to comply will be fined £ 20.00.

22 Clubs are required to release players who are selected to play for a BJCL representative team

23 Girls playing in the Bradford Junior League, with the exception of the  under 17 age group, may play up to 2 years young

24.Players selected to play representative cricket at any level SHALL NOT PLAY for their club on the same day for reasons of Child Welfare. Failure to adhere to this and the club will be fined £5.00 and deducted 4 points or more, as felt fit by the Executive committee

25 Any commitment made by a club in their Letter of Intent at the Annual General Meeting shall be binding for the following season. Any club which does not fulfil this commitment will incur a fine of £ 50.00. Any club not submitting their Letter of Intent form to the League secretary within 48 hours following the AGM will not be allowed to enter teams in the following year’s competition.

26 All clubs must have an accessible and suitably equipped first aid box.