League Rules:


27 Clubs to ensure that no senior practise sessions take place on the field whilst junior matches re in play

28 In the event of any question arising which is not specially covered by the League and Cup rules, the Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with and inflict such ruling/penalties as may be considered necessary. All decisions made by the Committee in the interpretation of all rules and other matters, concerning the business of the Bradford Junior Cricket League shall be final and binding on all parties. 

39 All players must wear a helmet, with face guard when batting or when keeping wicket – stood up to the wicket.

30 Fixtures to commence on first available dates in May at end on last available dates in July.

31 The ECB directive on fast bowling MUST be applied in all games.








Up to 13

5 overs per spell

10 overs per day

U14, U15

6 overs per spell

12 overs per day

U16, U17

7 overs per spell

18 overs per day

League rules must always be adhered to regarding maximum overs per bowler, per game.


32 The home team shall be responsible for the submission of a score sheet from each match. This shall be completed in full for all games, whether completed, abandoned or not played. It must include the names of all players from both sides in full. This shall be sent by email within 48 hours of the match being completed. Failure to comply will result in a £ 10.00 fine.

33 The manager/coach of the away club must provide the home manager/coach with a full list of his team, including the first name and surname and who is captain and wicket keeper, before leaving. Clubs failing to do so will be fined £ 5.00

34 The results sheets shall be sent to the League secretary on:     results@bjcl.org.uk



35 Any allegation of misconduct on the part of a player or players, whether before, during or after a game and whether on or off the field of play, shall be referred to the Executive Committee. If the Executive Committee determines such allegations of misconduct are substantiated and the misconduct is of such gravity as to bring the League into disrepute, the Executive Committee is empowered to impose such penalties on the player or players concerned, or on his or their clubs, as shall in its absolute discretion think fit. Such penalties shall include the suspension of the player/s (either temporary or permanent) from the Bradford Junior Cricket League and the imposition of fines on the players and their clubs

36 Any individual or club found to have committed an offence, or penalised by a Disciplinary Hearing, shall have the right to appeal. Notice of Appeal, setting out the grounds for the appeal, must be received, in writing, by the league secretary, within seven days of the disciplinary hearing. A sum of £ 25.00 must be deposited in respect of each appeal, which will be forfeited in the event of the appeal being rejected. The appeal hearing must be heard within 14 days of an appeal. No person may sit on an Appeals Panel who sat on the original hearing. The Appeals Panel has the power to increase, confirm, decrease or cancel any penalty imposed by the Disciplinary Hearing. The decision of the Appeals Panel shall be final and binding on all parties.

37 (Additional rules on Representative Cricket)
1. Selection Process for BJCL Team: “Any registered player in the BJCL who wishes to play representative cricket for the BJCL should in the first instance do so through nomination via their Club. If the Club is unable or unwilling to do this, then a player can self-nominate. In order to be selected to play for a BJCL representative side a player, once nominated, must attend at least one official selection event in each separate season. This applies to all players, including those who have previously played for a BJCL side.” 
2. Playing for Yorkshire Teams: “Players who are selected to play for Yorkshire at any age group level will not be selected for a BJCL Team during the time they remain a member of a Yorkshire squad. This rule is in place to maximise the opportunities for BJCL League players to represent the League